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Companies Involved in Bridge Construction


    • Designers, also known as architects or engineers, draft the physical plans for bridge structure. Bridge designers, often employed by a company that does many types of structural design, must take into account multiple factors when designing bridges, including environmental impact, traffic and volume of use, budget and time constraints, materials, and the aesthetic look of the final result. Bridge designers are often called upon by cities or local governments to replace aging structures or solve traffic-pattern problems with new designs.


    • Most modern bridges have steel infrastructures made of individual parts that must be fabricated at a foundry and shipped before they are assembled on-site. Bridge fabricators review and analyze bridge designs, identify inconsistencies, anticipate potential difficulties with assembly, and ensure that exact measurements and specifications are met for the pieces they manufacture. Bridge fabricators also coordinate with bridge building contractors to package and ship bridge infrastructure to the building site efficiently and without damaging the product.


    • Bridge building contractors work at the bridge site to prepare the ground, dredge bodies of water, drive piles and dig foundations, assemble and erect steel infrastructures, pour concrete, lay stone or brickwork and handle many other construction tasks. Bridge contractors work with a variety of materials and designs, from I-beam bridges to plate girders, rolled steel, cast-in-place, stone and even historical wood structures. Because of the wide array of bridge types and components, many contractors specialize in specific modes of construction.

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