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How to Write Casework

    • 1). Obtain relevant evidence pertaining to the central problem of the case study including reports, testimonials, studies or supporting documents. Conduct interviews if necessary and record your findings to support the information contained in all documents gathered.

    • 2). Identify the problem in the introduction of the report by including information about the setting of the problem, the people involved and the severity of the issue to formulate a perspective on the issue.

    • 3). Examine how the evidence gathered pertains to the problem to clarify and flesh out the nature of the crisis. Include information about government policy concerning the issue and explain any potential ethical violations.

    • 4). Propose a solution to the dilemma or propose multiple solutions. Back up every solution by explaining how and why you came to that conclusion through cross referencing the evidence.

    • 5). Explain, in the conclusion, the benefit of your study. Examine areas for further study by proposing how the issue could get developed. Explain the nature of the proposed solutions and explain the consequences if implemented.

    • 6). End the case study with a question pertaining to all the information proposed that gets the reader to question or think about the issue in a productive manner.

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