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Investing decisions for Reliance Industries and Reliance Power on NSE

Does the news steer your buying and selling decisions in the Indian stock market? The answer is of course a big ‘Yes'! The more knowledgeable you are about the stocks you are going to invest on more are the chances of getting returns even in a volatile market. Novices who are not familiar with even the basics of investment and do not stay updated with market news not to mention changing price dynamics of the chosen stocks, end up putting in money blindly. The result is losses. Smart investment is all about taking informed decisions. Get registered at a news portal so that you get updates related to your chosen segments of investment right in your mailbox. For example, if you are interested in investing on Reliance Industries and Reliance Power NSE stocks, you will get recommendations in your mailbox. And viewing the price chart for the last 52 weeks, taking wise buying and selling decisions becomes easier.

Reliance Power on NSE is termed as RPOWER. View its previous closing price, open price, difference in bid and offer price, the day's high and low at the time of investment if you are interested in intra-day trading, and its 52-week price statistics. According to the last 52 weeks, price of Reliance Power on NSE was tagged lowest at Rs. 69.70 and highest at Rs. 139.40. Do have a look at this company's quarterly results as well. The second quarter of the current financial year saw its consolidated net profit increasing marginally from Rs 235.5 crore a year ago to Rs 240 crore in the current period. A 121 percent year-on-year increase to Rs 1,079.2 crore was the consolidated net sales witnessed during the same quarter.

You can think about investing on stocks of this company's associate firm Reliance Industries. Going by its 52-week price change statistics, the stock was perched lowest at Rs. 673.05 and highest at Rs. 881.60. In the second quarterly earnings, Reliance Industries posted its fourth consecutive drop but it did meet market estimates. Profits fell by 5.7 percent to 53.76 billion rupees from a year before. The company's net sales saw a rise of 15 percent to Rs. 903.35 billion. Rebounding of refining margins and treasury gains from its huge cash pile shored up profits that met market estimates, though overall, it fell. As aforementioned, watch the performance of Reliance Industries stocks closely, especially if you are interested to invest for the short term, so that you experience a win-win situation. 

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