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Fun Ways To Overcome Cigarette Addiction

If you are bothered by your cigarette addiction and just cannot manage to stop without external intervention, you dont have to worry so much. There is no need for you to go to the doctor soon or try looking for support groups in your locality either. There are still some ways that you can do by yourself. Your addiction is caused by the sugar and the nicotine that are highly addictive. It is not your fault, so take it easy.

Right now, there are edible products that can help you overcome your cigarette addiction. These are the nicotine gum and the nicotine lozenges. Many call these fun, edible products that help smokers quit smoking for good. One of the most common among the withdrawal symptoms is the intense craving to smoke during certain periods of the day. Also, if you are worried that youll weigh more because your taste buds seem to be better functioning after you smoked your last stick, then the nicotine gum and nicotine lozenge will be great for you.

It is easy for you to buy these edible products because many pharmacies have these. There are even some local groceries that have these for sale. This is due to the fact that there are really lots of smokers who want to quit their cigarette addiction. What do the nicotine gum and the nicotine lozenge do for you? This works just like the nicotine patch. It releases small amounts of nicotine in your body. But unlike the nicotine patch, it wont work for 24 hours. The nicotine patch is more slow acting, but lasts longer. These edible products are fast acting and works for just a few minutes.

Since the transmission of nicotine is oral, it can easily satisfy you each time there is an intense craving to smoke. You also have the choice to either have two nicotine lozenges or two nicotine gums at a time. However, do not have more than two because it really isnt recommended by the health experts. With the nicotine gum, it is recommended for you to chew on one gum every hour, until you have fully adjusted to being smoke free. If you have itchy throat and easily get sore throat as a side effect of your cigarette addiction, the nicotine lozenges would be the better product for you. Hourly consumption is also recommended and you can have as much as 20 lozenges a day.

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