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Specifications for the Honda Elite 80


    • The Honda Elite 80 featured an air-cooled, single-cylinder, 80 cubic centimeter engine with an automatic choke. The four-stroke motor used a 16-millimeter carburetor and had a solid-state, capacitor discharge ignition system. The two-valve single overhead cam engine had an electric starter. Its compression ratio was 9.3:1. With a 42 miles per hour top speed, the scooter's mileage rating is 80 miles per gallon.


    • The Elite 80 scooter had a step-through design steel frame with bottom-link front suspension providing 3 inches of wheel travel. The rear unit swing-arm suspension had 3.1 inches of travel. The scooter had front and rear expanding-drum brakes with a parking brake. The automatic variable-ratio transmission used a V-belt drive system. The scooter had a lockable front-cowl storage compartment and helmet holder.


    • The Elite 80 weighed 172 pounds dry. Its wheelbase was 46.1 inches with a 29.7 inch seat height.

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