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How to Remove Clear Coat Overspray From a Windshield

    • 1). Remove any dirt or debris from the affected surface by washing the windshield thoroughly. Pat the surface dry with a clean, lint-free towel to ensure no dirt remains on the surface that could cause scratching from the clay bar.

    • 2). Spray a light layer of clay bar lubricant onto the windshield. Cover only a 3-foot-square section, so the lubricant doesn't dry or attract dust while you're working on another area of the windshield.

    • 3). Run the clay bar over the lubricated surface of the windshield. Move the bar in a back-and-forth motion, then run your finger over the windshield with each pass to determine if you've cleared the surface of overspray. A clear windshield should feel smooth with no small bumps indicating the presence of overspray.

    • 4). Examine the clay bar for signs of contamination. With use, the bar becomes discolored from the clear coat. When soiling becomes evident, stretch the bar slightly flat, and fold it in half to expose a clean surface, and continue clearing the windshield.

    • 5). Remove the lubricant from the surface of the windshield with a microfiber towel before moving to a new section of the windshield. Repeat the removal process on the new section until you've removed all traces of the overspray.

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