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How to Use Sprinkler Systems for Irrigation and for Control of Fire

Excerpts: Sprinkler systems are very important in the field of irrigation to get crop maturity with less amount of water. It is also used to minimize the effect of fire in vast areas.

Sprinkler system is mainly used for two purposes for irrigation and for controlling the effect of fire.

1. Sprinkler irrigation system:

Sprinkler irrigation system discharges water like rain fall. This is most effective as they cover the entire lands. This is suitable for wheat, gram, pulses, vegetables, tea, cotton and other types of crops. They spray water in small drops. They can be used in connection with pipes. Here water is allowed to flow by pumping. They are easy to install and maintain. They are strong and thus ensure long life. They are corrosion resistant. They are suitable for any type of soils. They may be made up of stainless steel or plastic. This system is the best one for irrigating lawns and crops with considerably less amount of water.

Sprinklers that spray in fixed patterns are known as sprays and they can be used under low pressure. High pressure sprinklers have impact mechanism. They can rotate in half or full circle. Floppy sprinklers are unique sprinkler system that does not have any moving parts. They are suitable for irrigating closely spaced crops. Full circle and part circle impact sprinklers are made up of stainless steel material and they ensure uniform rotation. Part circle sprinklers have adjustable arcs to rotate in all directions. So no area will be left dry.

2. Fire sprinkler systems:

Fire sprinkler system allows water flow under pressure to control fire. Previously they are used in factories and large industries. Now they are available in compact size to be used in small business concerns, homes etc. There are different types of Fire sprinkler systems. Wet pipe system has automatic sprinklers that will spray water under pressure through pipes connected to them. They are suitable for controlling fire in vast area. Dry pipe system uses air pressure to reduce fire. It is mainly used in unheated buildings or refrigerated coolers. It can be used in small areas. Deluge system has deluge valves to piping that supply water. This is more useful where fire spreads rapidly. Pre action system combines all the three systems. It is used in museums where books, rare arts etc are kept. It has two sub types. Single interlock and double interlock. Single interlock is just like dry pipe system and double interlock is similar to Deluge system. Foam sprinkler uses the mixture of water and foam that will result in foam spray from the sprinklers. This can be used in highly inflammable areas, air ports etc.

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