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The Easy Way To Build A Residual Income

If anyone wishes to retire on a secure residual income, they must have first spent many years aquiring the means required to retire securely. This may have taken the form of an annuity or pension in the past, but today enterprising entrepreneurs are turning to the MLM Industry to provide themselves with a secure residual income.

The MLM Business as a platform to create residual income is what this article is a about. It is reported that 95% of the people who start an MLM business fail. The main reasons for this is that most distributors underestimate the time needed to build a residual income and run out of seed capital to fund future growth.

The reason for the failure of most busineesses is not enough capital being available to grow the business. What is needed is a method to overcome this obstacle from the very start of the business, so the business can achieve sustained growth at all times.

The idea of a "funded proposal" has been used for years by the MLM guru's. They just don't make this concept widely known. The concept is really quite easy to impliment. Using this one idea will eliminate anyone's need to continue funding their MLM Business so it will grow.

Any way a product is marketed or sold which pays for itself is considered a "funded proposal". Many Big Mlm operators draw you into their sales funnel first by offering for example an inexpensive training course on MLM. They then take all the leads generated from the sale of the training course and offer them the opportunity to join in their MLM endeavor.

A "funded proposal", allows you to generate targeted, free exclusive leads for your MLM business. Selling a training course in our example merely pays the way for us to get good fresh leads which NEVER stop. You never have to reinvest capital since the sales of the "course" are paying for your Free Leads! Now the time factor needed to build a secure residual income no longer seems like such a big hurdle to overcome.

Think of using a "funded proposal" as "Indirect Marketing". You rarely advertise the MLM Oportunity Directly, you use the list aquired from your "funded proposal", to do that. It is the same principle a good mailorder company uses. They will sell you one product, and "backend" another.

The "funded" proposal is the easiest way to build a residual income because it pays for itself.

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