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Real Home Based Business concepts

 When I was growing up a real home based business was me mowing lawns around the neighborhood. My sister had her own home based business as well, she babysat for her money. today nothing has changed. We get a taste of our first real home based business when we are young and need cash for those extra things like baseball equipment or kites or anything we want to play with. I rember buying clothes with my money, the ones I wanted.

 Today  a real home based business takes on a different meaning for me. We use the term network marketing or mlm. We find a company that has a product and we sign up for those autoships and invite our friends and family to do the same. As a result we get payed on the efforts of others who do the same as you. But is that a real home based business? You are working for the most part at home, but if we look at the way banks look at a home based business we get a little different answer. You see in a network marketing company we buy the products and have our friends do the same and we get paid a month down the line. If we look at how the banks look at it we see that they consider a real home based business to have a merchant account that you receive the money when you sell it. 

 Even though we are working at home in a network marketing business we don't make any charges or accept the payment from our friends and families. If you have a merchant account where, just like a brick and mortar store, you charge for your service or product you are considered a real home based business by the banking world.

 Does that mean that just network marketing is not legit? Heavens no, it means that you are not in control of your pricing or when you get paid. I chose a residual based company where I help merchants save money on fess they already pay on their credit card processing. I also can sell a website with a shopping cart and merchant account attached. Because I charge my customers through my merchant account and get paid within 48 hours, I am considered a real home based business.

 In either case of network marketing  or having your own merchant account you can enhance the paycheck you get by building a team. I have built a team of over 150 people and have done so by marketing myself. I don't care if you do what I do or any network marketing business you need  to market yourself first. Sure I have a terrific business, but if I can't teach you to build a team it doesn't mean anything. Beacause 97% of people who try  to do a real home based business don't have a clue how to do it.

If you would like some assistance building your team click here and fill out the information properly and I will send uou a free report that tells you about real home based businesses. 

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