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How to Make an Ocean Theme Candle Holder

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      Shells make this so beautiful.

      First you need to pick out a clear glass jar to use as the main piece of your candle holder. It needs to be tall, wide mouthed and clear glass that will hold a large tall candle. At the bottom, glue as many shells to the outside of the glass as you wish. Make a beautiful shell circle around the bottom of the glass in layers. Let dry thoroughly.

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      You need clean sand to put in the candle holder.

      Next, get some clean, light colored sand, like sandbox sand and put about 3 inches in the bottom of the glass vase.

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      Get a big beautiful candle.

      Next, get a large candle in your preferred color. Set it in the sand, and put a few shells in the sand around the candle. It's now ready to light and enjoy!!!

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