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Localize your web site for Chinese speakers worldwide

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Why publish a web site in Chinese?

One out of five people in the world is a Chinese. Yet a great majority of information on the Internet is now in English. Studies indicate that the fastest growing group of people online is those who do not access Internet in English. Globally, there are estimated 6.4 million people access the Internet in Chinese. (Source.)

There are about 1.3 billion Chinese living in mainland China, 21 million living in Taiwan, another 40 million live in countries and areas such as Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Burma, Philippines, Canada and U.S.A. When you have a web site made in Chinese, you will have access not only to the market in mainland China, but also to many wealthy ethnic Chinese markets all over the world. (Source.)

In China alone, there are estimated 3.8 million Internet users in China and the number grows at an annual rate of 150%. These growth projections are in line with historical growth in landline telephones, cellular phones, televisions and other information access products. With the China Telecom recently slashingthe internet accessing fees by almost half, telephone installation fee by 65%, the growth of internet usage is expected to explode in the next few years. (Source.)

More important, in China internet access is highly correlated to the middle and upper, well-educated younger generation, who are more likely to purchase goods and services from overseas. Establishing a Chinese language site will help you enter this market.

Let ASM help you to achieve this goal. Please read on to know how.

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