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When you are looking for marketing partners in Chinese Community worldwide and also looking for experienced and competence marketing partners, just let ASM to settle all your problems so your business will run smoothly.
Why you need ASM?

Asia System Media has been helping companies market and promote their services to the Chinese community worldwide for over 20 years:
- ASM has published the official 1984 Olympic Guide in Chinese
- ASM has published The Chinese language Yellow Pages. With circulation above 600,000 and readership close to 2 million, this is the premier Yellow Pages targeting the Chinese community in North America.
- ASM has organized the China Expo, the largest trade show of its kind in North America, to promote trade between Chinese businesses worldwide and United States.
- ASM has served over 20,000 companies with their translation and localization needs.
- ASM has been located in China for over 15 years, and also helped Western companies overcome obstacles large and small to open the China market.
- It's Chinese Business World web site has been using the Internet as a means to increase communications and ease the details of commerce between countries.

Without an experienced media and marketing company such as ASM, you will run the risk of losing credibility or even offending your audience (market share). Learn more about how we can help you build your presence on the Internet and promote your company into the Chinese community. Contact us for a representative now

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