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Office building Yunnan Baiyao Group Company, LTD. is one of the fifty major Chinese traditional medicine manufacturing enterprises. It was the first company to issue stock A in Yunnan Province. It is a large state-owned company with total assets of more than 25 million Yuan. It became an authorized import and export enterprise in 1997. Its average personal tariff ranks 9th among the large and medium-sized state-operated enterprises under the jurisdiction of the Chinese Medicine Management Bureau. Its physical plant, both new and renovated, meets the GMP standards. In order to ensure the highest quality product and increase production capacity, advanced production and testing equipment, both domestic and foreign, has been introduced.

yunnan baiyaoThe company's registered trade mark is "YUNFEN". YUNFEN brand Yunnan baiyao has won three consecutive national gold medals for quality, and is ranked among the most famous of Chinese traditional medicines. It has been designated one of two Class-1 protected traditional medicines for 20 years protective term in China, where its reputation is equal to that of penicillin in the U.S. The story of Yunnan baiyao and its inventor, Mr. Qu Huangzhang, is known all over China and has been made into a film.

intranterine blood stanchingAt the turn of the century, Mr. Qu Huanzhang , a practitioner of Chinese medicine who came from Jiangchuan County in Yunnan Province, set out to walk every inch of land in Yunnan, tasting thousands of kinds of herbal medicines. In 1902 he formulated the seemingly magical medicine "Qu Huanzhang Panacea", which is now known as "Yunnan baiyao". It has enjoyed a steadily increasing reputation ever since. It is a multipurpose remedy specially used to stanch blood, invigorate blood circulation, extravagate blood elimination and remove postludes. It has been proven to have a great curative effect on internal organs and their malfunctions, such as pulmonary tuberculosis bleeding, gastric hemorrhage, intestinal bleeding, internal cranium bleeding, gynaecological blood disease and purpura. It also seems to remit and alleviate certain cancers, prolonging the patient's life and causing the drug to be regarded as an elixir of life.

In the 1940's Mr. Wu Xuexian, the commander of the Dian Army, was seriously injured in his right leg. The French hospital in Kunming recommended amputation to save Mr. Wu's life. Mr. Wu turned to Mr. Qu for help, and to everyone's surprise, recovered without the need for an amputation. From then on Yunnan baiyao was regarded as a miracle medicine and enjoyed a steadily increasing reputation.

In the famous Taierzhuang Battle, Mr. Qu Huanzhang donated more than 30,000 bottles of Yunnan baiyao to the 58th and 60th Dian Army, thereby saving the lives of many patriotic soldiers.

After the founding of New China, and after the death of Mr. Qu, his wife Liao Lanying donated the secret prescription to the government. Large-scale production was implemented at that time continues through to the present.

essence of Tien Chi flowers Botanists have researched the chemical composition of Yunnan baiyao and discovered that it contains progesterone, various saponins and alkaloids, and physiologically active compounds such as calcium phosphate. Numerous pharmaco dynamic studies indicate that Yunnan baiyao is effective in platelet cohesion , main arterial contraction , cortex hormonal secretion, release of the inflammation process, capillary meability, leukcocyte waver and connective tissue proliferation.

Yunfen brand Yunnan baiyao is now available in different forms: powder, capsule, tincture, atomized.

At the end of 1996, under guidelines set by the Yunnan municipal government, four nominated Yunnan baiyao sub-factories were reformed into the Yunnan Baiyao Group. It is moving forward in the employment of modern technology to develop new uses for an ancient wonder drug. Yunnan baiyao, the pearl of Chinese pharmacology, can look forward to a bright future.

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Products of Yunnan Baiyao Group CO.LTD.

In Yunnan Province the terrain rise and fall, elevation is high and there are many mountains and many valleys. The climate contains the torrid zone, temperate zone, frigid zone. So Yunnan Province, considered as a kingdom of plants, has rich natural medicinal resources.Our company not only produces famous Yunnan Baiyao, using ample plants in order to protect human being's health, but also produces real Chinese traditional medicine to overseas. Now introduce following three products to you .

Gong Xue Ning Capsule of Yun Feng Brand.

Gong Xue Ning capsule is made of special herb plant in Yunnan by extracting and separating the effective contents. The product is real Chinese traditional medicine invented by the company.

It has functions of contracting womb stopping hemorrhage, eliminating inflammation and easing pain, available for the treatment of women's blood diseases. It has obvious effect, convenient use without by-effect. It has three concrete functions to following diseases.

  • Stopping pain and bleeding, obvious effect for all kinds of women's loud.
  • Contracting womb poor contraction of the womb after abortion or childbirth.
  • Diminishing inflammation bleeding clue is contraceptives pelvic infection and intrauterine infection it constitutes an excellent refreshing beverage.

Yunnan Baiyao Aerosol of outstanding curative effect.

Yunnan Baiyao Aerosol is a new external medicine of Yunnan Baiyao which is commended mystical medicine in China. It uses both magical effect of Yunnan Baiyao and advanced technique to retain traditional functions of activating blood, circulation and dispersing blood clots, reducing swelling and relieving pain. Besides traditional functions it has evident actions, easy to carry, quickly effect, without toxic and side effects on the whole. The drug is recommended for bruises, contusions, pains due to blood stasis, muscles, the Rheumatism and arthritis, etc. In the first hospital attached to Kunming Medical College the clinical practice proved that the effective rate was 99.2%.

Essence of Tianchi Flower of Yun Feng Brand

Tianchi that is named Jin Bu Huan is a precious genuine Yunnan medical herb.The function of nourishing poor health and strengthening body is same as Ginseng America Ginseng. The product is manufactured by a scientific process of extraction from the flowers of Tianchi. Tianchi flowers of Yun Feng Brand contains many useful ingredient, for example, panaxdiol, with function of cooling blood, counteracting inflammation, and restraining the heat due to hyperactivity of the liver. Clinical Practice has proved that it can prevent, alleviate or cure following diseases if you drink frequently. Adolescent ance, boils, blisters around the mouth, etc., Dizziness, nausea, vomiting, head-ache, palpitation insomnia, emotional inquietude, etc., induced by hypertension. The product retain the rich fragrance of the original flowers and possessing various therapeutic effects.

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