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Wuliangye Distillery - Introduction

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The Fenjin Tower with a shining steel horse
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The Wuliangye Distillery is a large Chinese enterprise with a worldwide reputation. It is located in Yibin, known as the first city on the Changjiang River, in Sichuan province. The distillery is famous for its garden-like factory, covering 3.5 square kilometers. It has a work force of 10,000, with fixed assets of 2 billion yuan (RMB) and an annual liquor production capacity of 120,000 tons. The main products of the distillery include 3 types, 18 varieties and 42 specifications of liquor, including Wuliangye Spirits, Jianzhuang, Wuliang Spring, Wuliang Purity, Ampenas Whisky, and fruit wines. Of all the liquors produced, Wuliangye Spirits is the preeminent one, with its mellow, full-bodied flavor and sweet smell. It sells well in the domestic market and is exported to more than 130 countries and regions, where it enjoys a high reputation. The specially-packed supreme quality Wuliangye Spirits sold at the price of 26,800 yuan (RMB) per bottle and was a great hit in the both the domestic and international markets.

Director The buildings and gardens of the factory have been aesthetically designed and laid out. The workshops, the flowers, the lawns, the pavilions, the sculptures and the script stones form an integral whole. The Liquor History Museum introduces the visitor to the long history of liquor culture. The Fenjin Tower, with its shining steel horse on top, is situated in the center of the factory and reaches to the sky, symbolizing the enterprising "spirit" of the managers of the Wuliangye Distillery.
Director: Wang Guochun

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