Tianjin SanFeng Minibus Co., Ltd. (SFM) is a co-operative enterprise of the former Tianjin Minibus Works and Macao Kouk Hang Enterprises Development Co., Ltd. It affiliats to Tianjin Automobile Industry Group Co., Ltd. and has been mainly engaged in designing minibuses for more than 30 years. SFM was ranked 241 in China's 500 largest industry enterprises in China in 1992, and is now a national qualified minibus manufacturing enterprise.

Covering 220,000 square meters, SFM has assets of RMB 440 million and has more than 1,000 pieces of machine and processing equipment. Now its employees are about 3,500 and more than 400 of them are engineers.

SFM consists of nine factories, ten departments and one division. The main products are TJ6481A and TJ6480B series minibuses. They are transformed vehicles and three type of chassis. SFM has the domestically advanced production lines of body pressing, body welding, assembly, painting, engine testing, and whole-vehicle quality inspection.

SFM can produce 20,000 vehicles annually. Its products are sold to all corners of China and some of them are exported to dozens of countries in the Middle East, South America and Southeast Asia.

For the TJ6481A series light minibus, SFM's main product, IAD in Britain designed the vehicle body, Ogihara Iron Works Co., Ltd. in Japan designed and manufactured the models and clamping apparatus, and SFM itself developed the chassis.

In recent years, SFM, in the spirit of forging ahead, has developed the transformed vehicles of TJ6481A. These minibuses are installed with different engines as well as different components and parts. These include the domestically made 491Q gasoline engine, the 493Q diesel engine, the VOLVO B230G fuel injection engine, high and low body roofs, push/pull and fold passenger doors, independent and dependent luggage shelf, as well as rolling luxury and common seats.

These transformed vehicles have a short wheelbase body with 9 and 11 seats and also have TJ6510, a new type of 14 seats' long wheelbase.
SFM's TJ6480B, installed with 492Q engine of a maximum power of 85 h.p., has a longer product lifetime because of its practical, cheap and reliable characteristics.

Public Security Vehicles

In addition to that, SMF develops a series of special purpose transformed vehicles i.e. police vehicles, postal vehicles, advertisement vehicles, etc. Since we are at the ending and beginning of the century, SFM is willing to cooperate with friends from different fields to jointly pursue new target.

Advertisement Vehicles
SANFENG Series Special Purpose Vehicle -TJ6481AQ4