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MouTai Liquor in different package

Moutai is one of the three world-famed spirits and is a typical sauce-flavour type spirits in china. The magic intelligence of the brewer, high quality raw material of sorghum and wheat, exquisite workmanship, all contributed to the miraculous creating of an unprecedently superior a precious cultural heritage of the oriental spirits culture and the spirits culture of the Chinese people.

Moutai has a long history of distillation, dating back to the Han Dynasty. In 135 B.C., people in Maotai town produced a liquor which the Emperor Hanwu enjoyed very much. From then on Moutai became famous.

In 1915, Moutai won the gold medal at Panama Pan-world Fair in U.S.A.. Since then, it became a world-famed spirit. After the founding of the People's Republic of China, it won 14 times of international gold rewards and many national gold prizes in each wine competition. It enjoys a good market in over 100 countries and regions. Owing to the combination of its unique traditional technology, special natural condition and advanced scientific process, Moutao liquor processes unique characteristics with its special fragrance lasting a long time. After carefully brewing, multi-mixing and long period storing, Moutai liquor is sweet with a sauce- flavor, full-bodied, mellewy and gives a lingering aftertaste, and thus has been crowned as the "national Wine"" foreign affairs liquor" and "gift liquor". It has played a very important role in the political and economic life of our country.Since the launge of the policy of reform and opening to the outside world, the people in Moutai have developed a lot new series products, such as low degree Moutai liquor, Guizhou Chun, Moutai Whisky6, Moutai Queen, Moutai Chun, Moutai Techun. so as to satisfy the demands of the customers both at home and abroad.

8-handi.jpg (19175 bytes)Han Emperor Moutai Liquor: a rare drink
The fragrance of the Moutai existed long ago
It still sends forth fragrant smell today
A brief account:
This variety of Moutai Liquor has been made by carefully blending the Moutai Liquor as a rare treasure kept in a cellar in the passing 100 year with the Moutai Liquor made today. This product embodies the cream of the National Wine. Like an imperial jade seal, the exterior packing box is formed, being classical and luxurious and it symbolizes right and riches and honor. The bottle is shaped with a pearl clamped by double dragons and it signifies good luck and happiness to you. This variety of Moutai Liquor is an art curiosity for enjoying and collecting.

9-1.jpg (14104 bytes)9-2.jpg (16982 bytes)

The Moutai Liquor of 80 years' standing:
An extremely honorable drink
Eighty years age, Moutai liquor, you have won the highest reputation among the numerous China white wines
Today after eighty years, I have sampled the best wine, Moutai among white wines.
A brief account;
The variety of the Moutai has been made by care fully blending old Moutai Liquor stored in a cellar in the period of the Panama International Fair in 1915 with Moutai Liquor made today. It incorporates the features of sauce flavor, fragrant aroma, mellow and agreeable sweetness and is the best among the National Wine.

10-1.jpg (25582 bytes)The Moutai Liquor of 50 years' standing:
An elegant in smell and fragrant drink .
A people with aspiration of the age of fifth would own his rank, success,fame and riches.
The Moutai Wine of 50 years' aging would set forth mellow flavor.
A brief account:
Fifty year's storage, carefully blending process, special sauce flavor, elegant taste, mellow rope wine, pleasant aftertaste, lasting fragrant flavor in the emptied cup.

10-2.jpg (19306 bytes)

The Moutai Liquor of 30 year's standing:
A rare ripe wine
A high spirited and vigorous age having
A hundred things to do
A cup of Moutai Liquor of 30 years' standing
A bright future
A brief account:
Thirty years' storage, carefully blending, special sauce flavor, mellow ripe liquor, pleasant aftertaste, lasting fragrant flavor in the emptied cup.

12-1.jpg (26415 bytes)
12-2.jpg (27138 bytes)53%(v/v) Moutai Liquor: A Strong Drink
Gathering spiritual atmosphere of mountains and streamers
Containing a cream given by nature.
Being the earliest ancestor for creating sauce-flavored wine.
Setting a model among numerous white wines.
Ah, brilliant National Wine--Moutai will accompany us!
A brief account:
Moutai is characterized by special sauce-flavour, elegant tastes,mellow, pleasant after-taste, lasting fragrance in the emptied cup, has won the first in the list of the national famous wine winners in appraisal meeting in the all previous sessions and is awarded a honorable title of the national Wine.

13-1.jpg (24386 bytes)

43% (v/v) Moutai Liquor: a mild drink
Rich wine body
mild tastes
A brief account:
This variety of Moutai Liquor is made by advanced brewing technology and a scientific method to reduce its original contents of alcohol. It is characterized by a typical Moutai Liquor style, special sauce--flavor,mild taste and mellow wine body, pleasant aftertaste and no muddy phenomenon in water or ice being added in it.

13-2.jpg (22650 bytes)38% (v/v) Moutai Liquor: a quite mild drink
Nature gives Moutai Liquor tender feelings
It is bright as moonlight
Well--brewed mild Moutai
You send out fragrant small continuously
A brief account:
This variety of Moutai liquor's low alcohol content has been brewed by advanced scientific technology. It is characterized by special Moutai Liquor style, low alcohol content but no light taste, coordinated wine body, lasting pleasant smell in aftertaste, no muddy phenomenon in water or ice being added in it.

13-3.jpg (24701 bytes)

33% (v/v) Moutai Liquor: a quiet drink
Green hills and clear water--picturesque scenery
Good Moutai Liquor quiet as picturesque scenery
A brief account:
The variety of Moutai Liquor has been made by advanced scientific technology in order to reduce original alcohol contents. It is characterized by low alcohol content but no light taste,aromatic sauce flavour,coordinated wine body, a long pleasant taste and smell in aftertaste, no muddy phenomenon in water or ice being added in it. The variety can more meet the needs of modern wine market.

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50ml 53%(V/V) Moutai for domestic Market

14-1.jpg (14448 bytes)

The Distillery made the '97 Return Liquor, 53% (v/v), for the celebration of HongKong's Return. This is the 1,500th.

14-2.jpg (12538 bytes)

The exquisitely--packaged Moutai Liquor.

How to use the genius Moutai Liquor detector

Put the detector's small hole close to your eyes, turn the detector on and make the light beam directly shine on the labletoushe4.gif (1424 bytes) on the lid. If the liquor is a real Moutai, the label toushe4.gif (1424 bytes) will fade away and you will see the watermark mt.jpg (6093 bytes).

toushe.gif (11465 bytes)

toushe1.gif (10847 bytes) toushe2.gif (9619 bytes)

Projection Lable only suitable for 53%(v/v), 43%(v/v), 38%(v/v), 37%(v/v) Moutai liquor.

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