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Xinjiang Western China Seed Group Company

The Xinjiang Western China Seed Group Company (XWCSG) is one of the largest melon breeding ,seed production and sale companies in China. It grew out of the Seed Production Station within less than 15 years. We have gained much progress in the keen competition and promoted our high-quality triploid seedless watermelon successfully to US and other overseas markets. All this depends on our deep understanding that the fine heredity and the high quality of the seeds play a great role in the improved breeds and the success brought to users. We evaluate our work according to the production results and clients' comments. We have provided and will go on providing good service to our customers for ever.

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N0.2 Refine

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Beauty Radish

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Yellow Skin Seedless

We not only possess the facilities suitable to produce good-quality seeds but also own the institute devoting to the research of the improvement of heredity and managing and sale staff working for the customers. While developing producing and selling high-quality breed, we also undertake the task of producing top-quality seeds for other domestic and foreign seed companies. We are pleased to appraise and spread the new melon and vegetable breed developed by other seed companies and scientific research institution.

The XWCSG provide the best hybrid seeds of watermelon and muskmelon as well as the seeds of triploid seedless watermelon. We would like to establish business and cooperation relationship with all the seed sellers, customers and the scientific research institutes.

The following pictures are the watermelon-muskmelon crossbreeding cultivated by ourselves. If you are interested in it, please write and call us for detail.

No.3 Western China muskmelon

Tri-5 seedless