Jilin Carbon Plant is the largest integrated carbon producer in China at present. During the period of China's first five-year plan, the plant was one of the major projects. Now it has become a State first-class enterprise.

Jilin Carbon Plant has the production capacity of 100 thousand metric tons of carbon products per year, among them 46 thousand metric tons are graphite electrodes. Its output value covered about 28 percent , yield 28.3 .47 percent and foreign exchange earning 43.78 percent of the totals in Chinese carbon industry, among which graphite electrodes cover 29% , high power electrodes 56.5%, ultra-high power electrodes 90% respectively.

Jilin Carbon Plant has developed up to now 11 kinds of carbon products with 56 specifications which mainly include graphite electrodes, graphite anodes, carbon electrodes, carbon block, electrode paste, graphite powder, low purity silicon carbide, specially shaped carbon products, carbon fiber, special graphite products, nuclear graphite, laser graphite and graphite for continual casting, etc.

These products are sold not only in 27 provinces, municipalities and autonomous region of the country, but also exported to 26 countries and regions including America, Japan, Germany, South Korea, and South-east Asia, etc.

Jilin Carbon Plant has tried their best to manufacture good-quality, low-price and easy-to-sell products to meet the customers' demands on the principle of "Quality First and Customers Paramount". Ten kinds of products were awarded "Top Quality" products by the Government, the Ministry of Metallurgical Industry and Jilin Province, respectively. Among them, graphite electrode Dia. 350 mm was entitled to the Silver Award by the Government, and high power electrodes, normal power electrodes Dia. 500 mm and Dia. 200 mm were entitled to High Quality Award by the Ministry of Metallurgical Industry and Jilin Province. They enjoy a very high reputation both domestic and abroad.

Jilin Carbon Plant owns 5 extruders ranging from 1,000 to 3,500 tons, 6 counterblow pot calcining furnaces, 8 new type of ring baking furnaces, 7 sets of big power direct-current graphitizing furnaces and one electrode machining system with up-to-date international standard. In 1993, we imported Rebaking System and High-pressure Impregnation Device from Germany. These system will be tried to put into operation in 1994. The enterprise has advanced equipment and technique. Now, it has become a developing center for carbon production and scientific research in China.
In order to improve our technical and equipment level and to meet the demands for carbon products in domestic and world markets, Jilin Carbon Plant launched a project of introducing and reforming 20 thousand-ton high power and ultra-high power electrode in 1994. After this project was completed, Jilin Carbon Plant will be strengthened greatly and will be able to supply more carbon products for domestic and world markets.

Jilin Carbon Plant sincerely welcomes customers to our plant to hold business talks on investment, cooperation and technology transfer. We would like to provide the customers with good service and excellent products and to cooperate with friends all over the world to promote friendship and expand business.


Export Products

  • Artificial Graphite Electrodes
  • Artificial Graphite Powder
  • Artificial Graphite Scrap
  • Carbon Block
  • Graphite Anodes
  • Electrode Paste
  • Low Purity Silicon Carbide
  • Special Shaped Graphite Products
  • Special Graphite Products
  • Carbon Fiber
  • Other Products

Import Products

  • Needle Coke
  • Carbon Fiber Raw Material
  • Graphite Equipment
  • Spare Parts
  • Instruments and Meters
  • Other Products


Jilin Carbon Co., Ltd, previously named Jilin carbon Plant, and 201 Works, located at 9 Heping Jie, Jilin City, Jilin Pro., China, is one of the important 156 projects in china first five-year plan,. Built and started production in 1953, Jilin Carbon Co., Ltd has a production capacity of 10000mt. As a largest integrated carbon foundation and an important. metallurgical enterprise in China at present, he gathers production, management, designation, scientific research, sales of domestic and abroad together. The main products are graphite electrode, graphite anodes, carbon blocks, electrode paste, graphite specialty, and carbon fiber, etc. These products are widely used in metallurgical, mechanical, electronics, chemical industries and medical and biological fields, etc, and sold not only more than 30 provinces, cities, and regions domestically, but 30 countries and regions abroad, including the Unites States, Japan, Europe, Korea and south east Asia Jilin Carbon Co., Ltd has enjoyed his up-to-date position on technological process, latest equipment, big volume production, good quality, export foreign exchange and economical benefits.

In order to take further development, Jilin carbon Co., Ltd has an intention to seek a good partner by foreign investment and 84.74 million US DOLLAR will be invested on this project. The way of cooperation can be many and varied.

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