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Products--Made in China

ASM Overseas Corporation is authorized to represent the following fine Chinese products online. You can browse for basic information about a particular product or its manufacturer. You can aslo send us your inquiries or order product samples through our trade representative stationed in our Beijing office who is in timely contact with our clients.

The products are listed by alphabetical order. Alternatively, if you want to search by the manufacturing company, please go to the
company page or try the search function.
  • American Ginseng - Ginseng is also called Panax quinquefolius. "Zhongcheng" Brand of Canadian Ginseng Tea and Canadian Ginseng Tea Bag bring you good health!
  • Artificial flowers - Qingdao Chengyang Yuyuan Artificial Flower Co., Ltd.
  • Aviation Forging and Castings
  • Carbon Products: graphite electrodes, graphite anodes, carbon electrodes, carbon block, electrode paste, graphite powder, low purity silicon carbide, specially shaped carbon products, carbon fiber, special graphite products, nuclear graphite, laser graphite and graphite for continual casting.
  • Cereals, Oils & Foodstuffs
  • China Great Wall Wine - Great Wall Wine now consists of eight lines of wine: dry, medium sweet, sweet, fragrance-adding, sparkling, distillation, and compounding, comprising over 40 different varieties to match the needs of all consumers.
  • Chinese Medicines and Health Products: ginseng, deers antlers, crude drugs, Chinese patent medicines, health products and original pharmaceutical materials.
  • Diamond Tools - diamond cutting blade, diamond grinding cup wheel, diamond core drill bit and hole saw, diamond wire saw for natural stones, steel core, diamond segment for circular saw blade and gang saw blade.
  • Directory to Chinas Textile Industry - 1996-97 English Edition
  • Erdos Cashmere Products - cashmere yarns, fabric, sweaters, blankets.
  • Fruit, Vegetable And Flower Seeds- watermelon, muskmelon, hops.
  • Guangdong Native Produce - essential oils & spices, forest and chemical products, fireworks, bamboo products, foodstuff, sundry foodstuff, timber & wood products, jute & jute products, flowers.
  • Gujing Tribute Liquor - the only Chinese famous liquor which won the gold medal at the 13th International Food Fair in Pairs. It is praised by all and commonly referred to as "the Peony of Liquor".
  • Gulin Lan Liquor
  • Industrial Sewing Thread And Clothing Sewing Thread.
  • Kweichow Moutai Liquor - Kweichow Moutai Liquor, along with Scotch whisky and Cognac brandy, is one of the 3 most famous liquors in the world.
  • M-amino phenol. - Also known as M-hydroxyl aniline. Content: 98.5% to 99%
  • Machinery Equipment: Equipment for coating liner paper by brush; assembly line equipment for the manufacture of corrugated (box) board; SY high-rigid rollers; multi-purpose food slicers; the spare parts for basic hole drillers, hydraulic truck-mounted cranes; circle-and-tooth bevel gear (8000 ton yearly output); bright, low-carbon, zinc-coated wire; and ring steel nails.
  • Metallic Scandium - with high purity of 99.99--99.999%
  • Metals and Minerals
  • MSM (Dimethyl Sulfone) and DMSO (Dimethyl sulfoxide) - China Panjin Xinxing Chemical Plant
  • Petroleum Chemical Products
  • Polyvinyl Alcohol, Emulsion PVAc, 1,4- Butynediol, Industrial-Grade Pentaerythritol and Formaldehdye
  • Qingke Liquor - the famous highland barley liquor in Tibet and Qinghai Province.
  • Rubber Products - Truck Diagonal Tires, Passenger Car Diagonal Tires, Light Truck Tires, Industrial and Off-Road-Tires, Agricultural Tires
  • Skins and Furs - raw mink skins, fox skins, otter skins, squirrel skins and other skins
  • Steel Safety Box
  • Sunpu Electrical Appliances - Sunpu Electric Radiator series, Sunpu KL series of Air Purifiers, SPL series of Electric Water Heaters and the Sunpu Foot Bubble Baths
  • Textile Machinery - Qingdao No.4 Textile Machinery Factory provides the cotton & wool looms, the trolleys, the compound rib knitting machines, the polyurethane fiber machines, the duplex cardigan looms, the Milano rib machines, the 4-track single circular weft knitting machines, the single terry cloth loom and the functional circular looms.
  • Titanium Dioxide - Hua Yuan Enterprise Corp., Titanium Dioxide Factory, Gansu Province, produces three kinds of titanium dioxide: Anatase, Rutile and Mixed Type. The products have good durability, light-fastness and tint-reducing power.
  • Trucks and Cars - JieFang CA1091 series trucks, CA1040 series light duty trucks and cars; spare parts products for automobile and components such as radiators, wheels, gears, wiring harnesses, castings and forging
  • Vodka, Alcohol - ANTE GROUP produces superfine alcohol, high purity absolute alcohol, DDGS, Ante vodka, a series of Ante wines and reagents, pure corn oil, starch, liquid sugar and other kinds of food from corn.
  • VCD Players, Corrin Electronic System Co. Ltd. is the first ISO9001 accredited company among the Chinese VCD player manufacturers. The Corrin VCD player passed a strict inspection made by the China State Bureau of Technical Supervision in 1996.
  • Wooden Floor
  • Wuliangye Spirits,- the king of Chinese Liquor
  • Xiangquan Wine Series - elegant sot Wine, Xiangquang wine, The Magical Drum wine, beer, Chinese ceramic, starch, tea, package,
  • Yunnan Baiyao - one of the most famous Chinese traditional medicines.

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