26- 29 Nov. 2002. The Beijing International Convention Center, China

Approved by Ministry of Information Industry China


After China's accession into the WTO, barriers of all forms on its telecommunications market will be gradually removed. The government-initiated overhaul and reorganization of the telecommunications industry will create a better environment for future growth.

China's entry into the WTO will change the shape of the telecom market, bringing more domestic and overseas investment into the field.

How will the WTO affect the business operation of telecom and IT markets in China?

How can international companies embrace the business opportunities in telecom and IT industry directly?

How does the government system work in china, and where can investors meet Key IT players who take charge of China's telecom markets?


The use of technology in China can only develop by getting the right information to the right people in the right companies at the right time.

China International Telecommunication Annual Summit (CITAS) is held to discuss policies, services, applications, technologies and the future market of telecommunications at home and abroad.

China International Telecommunication Annual Summit (CITAS) will not only offer excellent opportunities to meet and talk with potential customers from various industry sectors, but also covers critical, time sensitive information on the latest developments in China's vast telecom and IT markets.

This event will help to share opinions and exchange views on the existing situation and future business developments in post-WTO China.

China International Telecommunication Annual Summit (CITAS) is a highly strategic conference for most relevant technology sectors in the PRC.

China International Telecommunication Annual Summit (CITAS) has a distinct hallmark - a targeted delegation of top-level management selected from the most successful and dynamic companies in China.

Focus of China International Telecommunication Annual Summit (CITAS 2002) :

  • Impact of China's WTO accession on its IT & Telecom industries

  • IT and Telecom buyers from regional administrations in China

  • Telecom & IT policies and regulations

  • Telecom & IT investment and financing

  • Digital Beijing and the 2008 Beijing Olympics

  • Development of China's mobile industry

  • Strategies for winning in the China market

  • Broadcast and media

  • Digital creation, transmission and delivery

  • How China's manufacturers, financial organizations and service companies are positioned in the international market in order to enhance their business.

  • Key issues that will allow foreign IT vendors to enjoy low costs and greater freedom in doing business.

  • How is China embracing the Internet as the key enabler for e-business?


  • Benefits of Attending:

    First of all:

    This will ben an excellent Opportunity to market your products directly to potential customers who take charge of telecom and IT markets development in the provinces of China.


    You will have the opportunity to meet with Chinese authorities from various places and sectors of industry and distribution channel suppliers.You will also gain precious insights into a wide range of topics surrounding China's accession into WTO, and the coming of the 2008 Beijing Olympics,as well as their impact on China's IT & Telecom industry in the years to come.

    You will gain vital information about how the Internet is used in China for business,about Digital Beijing project, and the opportunities offered to foreign investors.

    You will learn about the business culture in China, as well as the regulatory and policy framework governing Telecom and IT development in China.

    You will understand how the infrastructure in China is gearing up in preparation for its engagement into the global digital marketplace ,as well as Telecom/IT financing and investments.

    You will be updated on how new mobile applications and services are applied in its rapidly growing mobile industry.

    Last, but not least, you will meet up with key Telecom and IT players with business operations in China - telecom operators, local and international vendors, IT companies and investors that will not only enlarge your contact base, but also give you first hand accounts of doing business in China's high-tech industries.


    Target Audience: Open to VIP from regional administration, central and local government, people involved in the decision making process, distribution channel suppliers in telecom and IT markets in China, and others interested in gaining insight into China's IT/Telecom market...


    Committee of China International Telecommunication Annual Summit (CCITAS)

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